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Asylum of the Fast & Furious (Aotw HMP Speedrun)

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This next demo is a speedrun of one of the scariest wads ever, Asylum of the Wretched. I did have to make use with the gamma correction and of course it took me a long time to get the run done successfully.

The Demo can be found at the following address along with my Void demo:


EDIT: btw you need Zdoom 2.0.60 to view the demo.

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I have to ask, did this particular wad ever scare you early on? Did it affect your demo recording over the first few tries? Did you ever end up freaking out and forgetting where you were and so on? In a few spots you almost look a bit confused, but that could just be normal speedrunner jinking around stuff that I just don't understand because I don't do speedruns. :P

Oh, and nice demo.

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Yeah this particular wad did freak me out when I first played it, and of course I did get scared the first few times, and of course doing the demo was difficult not just because of the scare factor (which isn't a problem now), it's because of the shotgun guys and imps (My previous attempts had me get killed by shotgun guys and spectres mostly, and usually an imp sometimes.

Well the jinking around stuff is because of the ammunition I really needed. One of my attempts involved attempting to go in head on against imps with only 20 shotgun shells, and running out of them already.

So, you can say that I did get freaked out the first couple of times. If I do another demo for a scary level, I'd probably get freaked out there too.

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