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Skunkboy Kyle

Club Doom from PSX

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The song from the Redbook of Doom for PSX is Club Doom by, strangely enough, Dj Skinhead. How do I know this? It's actualy a remix of his song "Extreme Terror." His screaming during the song is horrible but it's great gabber noneless.
Did anyone else know this? Is Dj Skinhead a big enough artist to even be featured in a game like this? I guess he is, since I found him on Kazaa by searching for "gabber" and his name came up. *shrug* It's the only song I have by him...
Anyway, just wondering who else knew.

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Skunkboy Kyle said:

Bashe, if you like Club Doom and gabber in general, check out some good gabber music, it is some of the hardest techno you'll ever find.

Holy crap, the first thing I thought of when I heard this was HELL SCRAPER from Beatmania. One of the best techno songs I've ever heard, and it's music genre is listed as GABBAH.

Too bad I've never played PSX doom.... :/

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