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PWADs that influenced future game design

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Have you ever noticed a PWAD that seems to have influenced the design in commercial game products later on? I've noticed one that seems to stand out. There is a very old deathmatch PWAD called Ledges that was supposedly popular among the earliest deathmatchers. Take a look at it, then take a look at Quake 2's Q2DM1. The central area bears a striking resemblance to Ledges, don't you think?

Have you noticed any other PWADs that appear to have had this sort of influence?

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Actualy, I have, in a way. It was an addon level, but none the less, "Dead Simple" for Quake 3 Arena is based on Doom 2's on Dead Simple. It was a weak map though, with special effects and detail over gameplay.

In fact you could go as far and say Dead Simple for Quake 3 was to the original Dead Simple as Entryway.com was to the original Entryway. ^_^

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The idea, from Aliens TC, of using dummy objects for triggered sound effects was used in Heretic. (source: Tricks of the Doom Gurus.)

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