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New map in the works

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Well what big news eh? Another map! But you can't ever have too many of those..

I haven't made a map/released a map for awhile so I decided to make one. I am hopeing to fold all that I have learned into this map. Trying to make a map that is just good fun to play and look at least somewhat decent at the sametime. If you have played my older maps you may know what I mean.
I hope to have it ready in a day or two. So keep alook out.

(P.S) Keep checking this thread for a Download URL

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He is not asking for help. He sure doesn't need any. That tag sucks when used in an announcement thread.

EDIT: I see the new project tag has been deleted, cool!

Andy I can hardly wait for a new map. They are always excellent.

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The map will be for Doom 2. Most likely map 1. The map is about 40% Complete. It is looking good. I hope to have some screenshots soon. And A download in a day or two..

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