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Naked Snake

Berserk Pack

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You stop. The sound of the monster makes its way to your ears. Its tearing something. You peak around the corner. Jonesy. He was a prick...but still a marine damnit. You blast the brown thing with your chaingun. The monster stands and turns. You pump more hot death into it. Finally it falls. You hear another sound. The sound of fireballs. You turn and get 4 hot steamy fireballs to your body. The pain and open wounds add to your anger. You know you cant take em on like this. You can now barely hold up your weapon. You see another fireball launched. Its off by a lot and hits a cardboard crate. It burns a hole and a black box with a red cross on it falls out. A medkit! You blast and run killing two. They are soon replaced with 4 more. Damn. 6 brown monsters and 3 pink uglier ones follow. Damn. You open the box. Just a needle. You are about to toss it then think "What the fuck? Why not?" and give yourself the shot. The adrenaline rush makes your vision appear red. Must be the blood flow. You let out a primal scream, held deep down in man and the rage that comes along with it. You drop the gun and rush the monsters. Fireballs hit you but you feel no pain. You get to the first one and punch. You hear a loud CRACK as its chest cavity cracks. The monster holds its chest and collapses. The next pulls its arm back to launch a fireball. You reach out and grab its arm. You pull back to pull it off its feet but instead pull its arm of. It screams and blood drips. You swing the arm like a baseball bat and knock its head right off. The head flies with such force that it hits the monster behind it and going through its stomach. The 3 pink ones are smarter than they look as they turn and run. The three last brown demons stick around and try to kill you. You scream again and punch a crate on the bottom of a stack. The crates tip and crush the spiky monsters, with a SPLAT and a SNAP. The redness goes away and you lie down. You sigh and think "What a rush!".

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