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Heretic Support

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Hi All

I have just started experimenting with Eternity (b5, patch dated 20031218) and I am having problems getting the Alpha Heretic support to work. If I use the -heretic argument to the program along with "-iwad [path to heretic.wad]" it does indeed load Eterhtic.wad but whinges that resource STKEYS0 is not found. If I load Doom.wad as the IWAD and Heretic.wad as the PWAD instead -- some early "heretic in doom" ports required this, IIRC -- (still using "-heretic") the map and music work OK, but no monsters are present, doom weapons are used (with Heretic palette) and no splash sound when walking in water.

And before anybody asks, yes I HAVE looked in the FAQ. Even grepped for "heretic"!

I know this is alpha status only, but can anyone tell me how it is *supposed* to work? Do I need to give some other argument(s) on the command line??



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It's working as it should. Heretic support in Eternity is still in it's very very early stages at this point.

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I don't think you can play Heretic with Eternity yet... Looking at the EDF files you'll notice several monster frames that are still missing (eg. the gargoyles).

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You can't use heretic.wad as the IWAD yet, but you can certainly play the levels, and most of the monsters (but almost none of the powerups and absolutely NONE of the weapons) will be around.

You need to do it like this:

eternity -iwad doom.wad -file heretic.wad -heretic

This will only be necessary until I get Eternity to quit using EVERYTHING from DOOM when in Heretic mode. Then you'll be able to use heretic.wad as the IWAD, and the -heretic parameter will disappear completely.

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