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In between perfecting my Nightmare game and reaching 9th on the Bay City SC2 boards for the current side, and picking up some backup characters, I've been working on my keybindings and aliases for my ZDoom game. anything for an edge... But as I was doing so, I noticed the FRONT END LOADER I built needed some sprucing up. So I touched it up a bit. I think I'd feel comfy releasing it now...

ZDoom MapSpawn is a single player ZDoom loader. It cuts some of the crap out from things like ZDoom Loader, like screen settings, and it makes it easier to load and manage your PWADs, so they load into ZDoom the order you want more easily. Also, projects are a bit more easy to create and manage, something that ZDoom Launcher doesn't do at all. The drawbacks are simple- can't launch a multiplayer game from it. Besides, we all use Doom Connector for that now don't we? (lol... I had a frustrating time just FINDING a ZDoom game on there, much less DMing like I was built for)

Anyway, if you also like making batch files to run custom games (pick up a game really fast and stuff! Heehee) this launcher might be for you.

There's one bug in it tho: how the HECK do I warp to an original Doom game? I supose the method I used worked in previous versions but 2.0.47, you can't start on a level. Doom 2 still warps to the level.

Whoever's interested, speak up! I need to package the files and uplaod them to my site ASAP!

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