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Skulltag tourny anyone?

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Wanna compete in a 8 player Tournament on Skulltag?
1.25 kill limit
2.No Time limit
3.Only skulltag levels.
4.No cheating
5.Play fair
6.Be Nice to others

Every Round Last Place is Eliminated(Kicked from game Before round starts)And is not allowed to join the game but may Spectate at will.
Continue the Cycle until only Two people are left.
The winner is Declared King of Skulltag and will see 5 minutes of fame.

Any takers? I Do need someone who can host a server w/o lag no problem.

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0-Mephisto-0 said:

I said, don't post this at DW, post this at skulltag.com/forum and under the Matches forum. There are several guys there looking for challenge and you will definately get the group together.

You are correct.

Please post this tournament stuff over at http://www.skulltag.com/forum. You'll get a much bigger response over there.

Thread closed. Thanks!

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