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doom.wrong.button.com - weekly update!

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hey dudes. sorry for the low profile lately. i've been engrossed in a game of castlevania: circle of the moon for the game boy advance. if you haven't picked up a gba already, get one. get one now! i have both castlevania and tony hawk 2, and they're both unbelievable. not to mention doom is coming out late this year.

well, since the forums have a new look and there have been a lot of newbies around, i thought i'd restate the deal with the ftp. (by the way, the site's in my sig)

about 4-5 months ago, i started an ftp, just putting up the console doom music i did myself, and esco's n64 (and psx) sounds. the site has grown quite a bit since then (4 gigs). here's what you'll find:

-"Awesome Quality!" mp3s done by me for console dooms (psx, n64, snes), and psx descent. also, the mp2s of the music from doom 1 and 2 done on a roland soundcard are in there too. there is also some other music lately, such as the 32x doom music (done by ralphis) and psx duke. you can find the psx music (and the redone pc music)in wads that you can play with zdoom. it makes the game!

-Esco's n64 doom sounds (plus the psx-only sounds done by me) are on there. they're in wads as well.

-other doom stuff. the demos, betas, patches are there. there is also help for just about any doom game on there. you'll also find various total conversions (uac resurrection (deathwarrior), stone stragagems (zeratul 982), etc), source ports, and frontends (by King Elvis)

-wads & more wads. the entire collection from ftp.cdrom.com, as well as many others. these include the 10 sectors wads, a few ported psx levels, and more.

-miscellaneous stuff. by popular request, you'll find the voices wad from strife. also, vectorman 2 tunes just added this week from cacodemon leader, and gore's music wads (not just doom music, but some korn, rammstein, etc).

-and of course, the weekly toons. check em out. they've been a big hit. there's stuff like transformers & south park. be sure to check out bubblegum crisis tokyo 2040, one of the best anime's out there! there's much more.

anyways, the updates are slim this week. just the toons. and also the vectorman 2 music & geekdoom from cacodemon leader. last week was the final eps of earthworm jim, so no more eps unfortunately.

also, since i haven't mentioned what i would like for a while, here's what i'm looking for:

-mp3s of the midis from final doom: tnt evilution done on a roland sound card. this way, we can all hear what the tunes were intended to sound like. the midis are in a zip in the doom music dir.

-ported over psx & n64 levels. so far, my collection is 2 wads: spawning vats & redemption denied (both from psx doom). anyone have any or know where i can find any? anyone wanna take the project on? i suck at level making (actually i'm worse than that). if you want to see if you can figure out the psx doom wads, they're in a zip in the wads dir.

-more toons! i like almost everything. my toons are running out. i'm looking for full series of just about anything. tmnt, pinky and the brain, he-man, spiderman, anything. by the way, I LOVE ANIME!

-oh, and if this hasn't been stated already, NO WAREZ! whether it's registered doom, or any other game. for mp3s, if you can buy the cd, it won't be on this site.

lastly, if you do contribute something, you WILL be credited for it. everyone deserves thanks and recognition (or props, as esco would say) for the work they do. whether it's taking the time to download some toons, rip them themselves, make levels, rip music, rip sounds, or good old coding, they all recive recognition. thanks to everyone who has helped and contributed so far.

contributions? requests? suggestions? just email me.


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game boy advance.

How many lights do you play that thing under?

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stone stragagems

Typo correction: Stone Stratagems
Oh well. Nobody's perfect when it comes to typing. :)

Anyway, about the GBA's, I finally saw them up in Circuit City at Olympia. We were there originally to look for RAM sticks. Now this thing has 160 MB of RAM instead of only the default amount of 32.
Ok, I'm getting off-subject. One was up for demonstration with the 2 Mario Bros. games on it. It looked much like a smaller version of a Sega Game Gear. The screen looked much like the one from a GBC but a little bigger. The sound was enhanced and wasn't just a bunch of triangle and square waves. But some drawbacks were that it was hard to hear and I had to tilt it a little to see the screen better. It still beats the heck out of the GBC though.

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Typo correction: Stone Stratagems
Oh well. Nobody's perfect when it comes to typing. :)


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