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twisted dream 2

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"God damn! i have not had much sleep last night." you grunt as you walk down the dark hall of the assualt frigate. you then head into then cafe area of the frigate to meat the rest of your squad and to tell them the new assignment. "Men listen up! we are head to the new UAC outpost on Phobos."
"well what is new about this!?" shouts a private in the back.
"Shut the hell up private stout! Let me explain. Our mission is no longer the space and moon training mission but a real manhunt. The UAC and the military have lost contact with the base and believe it is the work of a spy. We are being sent to investigate and kill this person or possibly a group of people. prepare for a hostil enviroment because this is not like a fire fight on earth. DO NOT fire at scientist unless told and never fire at external doors and windows. Is this clear men?!"
"Sir. Yes. Sir.!!"
You then walk back the the weapons storage room to take a quick check of the new weapons. "wow! hell yes! the new plasma rifels are with us. can wait to hit the asshole with this." After the quick check you head to the bridge to check on the flight crew and the captin. "Good morning captin how are we flying." after greeting the captin you sit in a near by chair for the briefing. "Sargent we have more news. we have also lost contact with 3 more bases. the one on diemos and 2 others on the surface. we now believe this is not only the work of a spy but possibly the work of a militant group or even pirates. we will be a phobos first and we will arive in 3 hours. I know you have not been sleeping well so try and get some rest until then."

"yes sir, but first i will inform my men."
you then leave the lighted bridge for the dark halls and rooms of the massive frigate. as you slowly creep towards your room you hear something. You turn and hear a grunting growling sound down at the other end of the hall.
"WHat?! is that...? no it couldn't be it was only a dream." on edge you slowly make your way back to your room to catch up on your shut eye and await battle.

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