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DevDoom- easier creation of ddfs

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Hey again.
DevDoom progress has slowed down, but that doesn't mean that we haven't given it up.
Dark_Photon has created a program that will allow you to customize and create DDF's, sort of like a GUI program. It takes the confusion away by leaving complex, hard-to-understand ddf code and makes it fun to edit. The gui actually writes the hard stuff in the backround (in Notepad, I believe).
It's a little slow to compile ddf's at the time due to him using Vb 4.0 (over 3 mins!). He just got Visual C++ so DevDoom development will hopefully be a little easier now, and compile speed won't take so long. That's about as far as we have gotten for DevDoom. We have been busy with Daikatana II, but at least we've been making progress.
Don't Know? DevDoom = Edge on steroids

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