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Blood Moon

Doom II on Mac 0S X

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I was considering getting a Mac 0S X installed in my Mac OS 9.2, but I'm afraid Doom II won't work.


Will Doom II work with Mac 0S X?

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You could search the forum for Mac users, you might find an answer that way.
I'm only guessing, but I'd think that the real game wouldn't work, the Mac version of DOOM2 would(if you can find a copy), and I wouldn't see why lxdoom or something wouldn't work.
actually, you might find more help in a OS X community for that question.

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Doom itself will not run under OS X without its problems (I can't get the sound to work for example) but it WILL run. On my system I have both Operating Systems installed so when I want to play Doom I simply reboot into OS 9.

Yes, DooM Legacy will run on OS X (but there still are a few bugs with that program) You can get it here http://legacy.newdoom.com/downloads.php#mac

To the best of my knowledge PrBoom can not run under OS X. Who knows, i'll attempt to compile it and get back to you on it

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simple, use a port.

i am sure there are a few stable ones for MAC OSX.

i'm not a big MAC fan, i dont really like the OS, so i dont know. ask in a MAC forum

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