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I've recorded a couple of silly demos.

A UV Speed movie run on the atrocious "Andy's WAD" by Andy Hoffmann. Time: 12:42. You'll definitely want to use -timedemo for this, since some of the maps feature very long waits for platforms to lower or rise. The demo doesn't demonstrate some of the silliest features of this wad, such as a fake "icon" area, where instead of a boss brain, the author has cunningly placed a voodoo doll. I'm not sure if this is a deliberate attempt at joke mapping. If not, it is truly astonishing, and a contender for worst wad ever.

A UV Speed in 2:16 on "The Challenge" by AReyeP. This is actually an interesting map, and the demo is quite amusing, with its fair share of rocket-dodging.

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Weird how on Map02 of Andy's WAD those cacodemon fireballs go down diagonally looking like rapidly falling sparks.

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