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ZDoom E1M1 testers needed!

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Kay... I started a new thread only because I required a appropriate subject name.

There is a map at http://doomos.webpark.pl/index.html/
(Other maps section)

It's for Ult. Doom E1M1 and it requires newer Zdoom versions to run.
Please playtest it and tell me your thoughts.

The final release will have a whole episode, coming with music changed (thinking about Descent, Blood, Heretic, Hexen 2 songs), and some new textures. Sounds interesting?

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Dunno, Boris, just try to do right click -> save target as... default left clicking does nothing... :P

Or use IE... My Mozilla has some real problems sucking it down... can't figure out why.

EDIT: my last downoad attempt with Mozilla was a success! Just Right-Click on it, then you have ro remember to save it with *.rar extension.

And, YES! I would like you to give it a shot, Skunkboy

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FUCK! Do I always need to encounter such silly problems, when trying to show my map?

Okay, the link has been fixed. It was a matter of accesing the page via main document. The files can be downloaded only after entering the site by index.html... So you MUSTN'T have any troubles now!!!

Go to other maps section...

I'm really sorry for all this trouble lads, but I hope that this map and the upcoming new one, will be worth your time :P

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I was trying to make a fine name for my project, and so I ended up on "Doom Refresh Daemon"... that's the name of course. Sounds good, and original, or is there a DRD project already?

Second map coming up today, methinks.

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