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internet band (aka dumb idea)

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well, internet bands are one of those things that kinda work, but they kinda don't. they're also kinda cool, but kinda not. well, why bullshit myself, i've done 'em myself, worked okay.

anyway, to take a break from my constant long drawn band (i'm working on a new song, and i've got three others, but that's it, and i'm shooting for 10 for the album, so it'll be a few years).

a lot of you are musically active, which is cool, just more proof we're not a bunch of nerds who do nothing than play doom, not like there's anything wrong with that, but nonetheless. anyway.

who wants to start an internet band on these forums? it'd be like teh forums have their own band, and how many doom communities have one of those?

it'd basically be one person lays down one track, or one set of lyrics, somebody else adds to that, and eventually you have a final project. there'd be no set anything, no one person would do one thing (ie one person might write the lyrics on one song, but do drum programming on another, or nothing at all), no one person is in charge, it's just a bunch of collective minds, et cetera et cetera. i figure it'd be worth a shot, see what we could do. hell, might find some sort of new sound (one person writes a metal guitar riff, while another person adds techno 80's style drums, with sort of a punk vocals thing, et cetera, i know that's not a new concept but i'm just trying to give examples of multiple styles being in one song).

who's up for it? i can do pretty much anything, lyrics, vocals (mine suck), guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, et cetera. i know we have singers, guitarists, dj's, et cetera, the whole range, so i think it'd be fun, but then again i'm retarded*

*at least i'm not chu :P

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I play guitar and spoons.

I'd give you samples of my work, but it seems slipgate is down, which means my webby is down.

I've been looking to create a rap jazz metal fusion country hardcore disco band for some time now.

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Well, I have some good experience with hardware synthesis and can lay down a decent electronica track if I try. So I could contribute something there. Though, if anything, I'll glady do the audio mastering and final mixing. Hell, just PM me about it.

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