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Duke3d goes OpenGL

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Originally people didn't think Duke3d could be rendered with polygons, let alone in OpenGL, due to it's wacky rendering method (See the way you look up and down in game, it's SLIGHTLY screwed up). So JonoF (the guy behind the most popular windows port) and Ken Silverman (the original BUILD engine coder) have coded up an addition to JonoF's code that allows three rendering options, Classic (the Duke3d default), Polygons (Enviroment rendered in true3d, some bugs at the moment) and OpenGL (same as Polygons, but rendered in OpenGL).

There's some big graphic bugs at the moment (Mirrors HOM in Polygons and are plain black in OpenGL for one), but all in all it's pretty cool.

Oh, and linky.

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Actually, Opengl for Duke Nukem 3d has been around for awhile, but I must say none of them have reached a point of perfection (so far) as Jonof's port.
Thanks for heads-upping everyone. I'm going over there to check it out myself :)

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Manga Girl Marchelle said:

sorry. but it would be better in sum 3d module particular plygon texturing with new particle effects. In otherwords, Doomsday for duke nukem. this port looks no different on my comp.

It's only been out what, 5 or 6 days now? Doomsday's a few years old. I think they were just aiming for a functional GL renderer as a first step you know.

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