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Fallon Chronicles, The PWAD?!

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As you see, the topic is:
Would you be interested in a Fallon Chronicles based PWAD.

So far I have a couple ideas...
1) Diffrent modes of play
Action/Adventure mode: Very Similar to doom, using puzzles and limited ACS intervention. (at least not that you would see)
Story Mode: Very moody, atmospheric and story driven (go figure :p) You would most likely control Various characters, not just Fallon herself. (changing from time to time I guess, I dunno)

for the uninitiated; The Fallon Chronicles is a fanfic/book in progress (?) that I am working on and posting on the net.
scroll down to the bottom to read the first post.
Please leave feedback for this idea as I would *personaly* like to see it done.. however if noone would play it (for whatever reason) I wont waste the effort :)
Thanks for taking the time to read this... Rest assured monday night or tuesday morning there will be an update... Been having some job troubles as of late so frivolerty has taken a nose dive :(
Take care and be safe everyone.

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