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dream to reality

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You suddenly awake to the echoing sounds of the friggate docking. "attention all soldiers prepare for transfer to the UAC Phobos out post. Repeat prepar to board UAC outpost"
"Damn we are here already! SHit i was sleeping good."
you begain to put on your armored pants and vest. next you pick up and put on your holdster and ammo pack. suddenly the alarm rings "WE HAVE HOSTILS!!! prepare for battle! Warning!"
"Son of a bitch it must be a military group or maybey pirates after all!"
you then run down the hall towards the weapons room while strugling to put on your ammo pack. Down the hall you hear a few gun blast and the warning alarm going off above your head. With out warning a soldier comes screaming down the hall. his arm badly damaged it even seemed burned. The blood was squirting out and a large hole was visable as well as serveral slashes.
"WHAT are they... Killing us.. too strong!! I was one of firstt... SArge You got to stop themm from getting on the..." the rest could not be understud, he was dead.
You hear others scream as you approuch the docking hanger.
"What is going on?! those sounds..?"
to your horror you see 5 dead soldiers ripped to shreds in the room before you. Blood was every where and small chunks of flesh are even on the ceiling. over in the right side of the dark square room there was something dead on the floor... with pink skin but the head was blown apart. IN the distance you can hear the screams of men and then that growling and grunting.
"NO!! this cant be... Am I dreaming this?" as quickly as it began it was soon quite except for the dripping of blood and the growing and grunting of the creatures. You soon relize that you may be one of the last alive in the base. The sounds were geting closer so you hide near the ship door but something is wrong it is powering up. A creature jumps out of the ship in front of you and 2 others soon fallow. They were the same brown, red eyes, spikes and blood. Fallowing your gut you fire a clip at the 3 and watch as they fall into a bloody pile. the door of the docking bay and the ship begin to close.
"DAMN! they can fly the thing!"
You watch they ship slowly take off but it begins to fall back towards the hanger. As quick as you can you run out of the main hanger area. Running past servral of the nasties who seem to be more interested in the incoming ship. however one gets in your way and scratches at your chest to hit the raw armor plate. you punch the beast and watch it fall and quickly run away. Finally the thick steel doors of the main hanger bay. As you close it the creature become aware and start chasing you, but it was to late for them the heavy door closed crushing one of those brown bastards as it jumped for you. suddenly a blast then a shock wave fallowed by screams. The ship had crashed but the force of the shock wave bent the door and knocked you back about 15 feet into a pile of bodies. you are now knocked out cold. will you survive or die like the rest

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