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Deathmatch and Unleashed - how to?

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A friend of mine and me want to to play deathmatch for the first time. we both know little about this. could someone please help us?
we both use Unleashed. We both choose the same wad.
Now, I start my local server on my computer, give my IP to my friend, and then we both type this IP into the field "join game (enter ip-adress)" in unleashed.

is this all? or do we need some extra program to connect?
is there a detailed instruction somewhere on the net, how to run deathmatch?

thank you!

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Thanks for your replies.
But, as I said, I want to play with a friend of mine, so we don't need to look for a server, nore do we want to have other players in our game. So, the easiest way would be, to connect directly to my own local server.
But I'm not sure if this will work with Unleashed, without using any other program. That was my question.
We both use the same doom2.wad, the same deathmatchwad, the same port (normal doom). Will Unleashed connect us automatically and will we end in the same game, or do we need some extra "connector"-programm on my server? I don't really understand, how "connecting" via Internet works with Doom. Is there an exe-file on the server which we both run? Or will the Launcher (Unleashed in our case) automatically connect our games?

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