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ftp ip address

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i am updating a linux installation useing the ftp. however when i get to that step it asks for an ip address. well how in the holy hell do i get the ip address of the ftp site i am useing?

suse provides no documntation for this. anyone ever done an FTP install? if so tell me how u did it

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nah, have instructions right. got it done anyways. forgot about the 'ping' command, duh!

anyways its all done

however a few "bugs" one involving AIM and the other the keyboard

Aim displays half of its stuff in jappenese and the other in english, WTF??

the keyboard is funky. z is y and y is z, among a few other odd errors. however it is set to US, and is a US keyboard. if i run the config agian it works right, until i reboot.
its a dell keyboard if that help. maybe i should set it to UK standard

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