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3 weeks worth of work.....roughly (manga)

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After finishing off with a bit of paint, what i bring before you is this lovely manga picture. My general thoughts:

1.In a sense this picture took 3 weeks to finish. It took only 4 to 5 hours of actual working time but overall i gave this picture a lot of thought in how it should eventually come out. I'm overall quite happy that it turned out the way that i wanted it to turn out.
2.In terms of actual concept of this picture, i won't dwell on the storyline since i haven't got that far in terms of written outcome. Generally it is in a sense a romantic pic but a bit more "sexual" than that, as you can clearly see
3.Combining the two above points, i feel the the use of colours creates a rather emotional feel to it. I can't quite say it's romantic as such (i can't say why) but the blues, the lighting, the body language; there's definately something going on here.
4.Flaws:I feel that it could be more smoother in some areas, and the dragon man (or rather leviathon, as dragon people are called in my manga) at the back could perhaps be a bit more translucent. I can't see any other flaws but feel to contribute.
5.Media: I used pencils, colouring pencils, marker pens, soft pastels and water colour paints for this picture.

I've said enough. Look at the picture. It's beautiful. -TSTuke


ps: apologies that the coloured doomguy isn't finished yet. I've given it a good shot but i'm a newbie when it comes to colouring in black and white pics with photoshop. I don't want anyone to do it for me though.

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