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common spyware sites

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what are some sites and programs known for spyware insertion and installation?

i am putting windowsXP back onto my brother's system and need to know what sites to ban.

things he is into
DJ and MTV garbage
rice burners (street cars)

thats about it, oh and porn

also kazaa lite seems to be gone, so he will try to use kazaa i am sure.

it is a head ache, he gets loaded with spyware and viruses that it causes problems on my network. i install linux on his laptop but it lacks the ACPI support and a number of things are funky.

yea i did install all the spyware and virus removal stuff but he is a lazy SOB (sleeps allday, works only 8 hours a week. and is about the worlds biggest dumbass.) will not even run it let alone update it.

I am gonna start charging him for tech time and use of my network.

also he plays those online poker games, i am sure those are a big spyware source too. i need links of their sites to ban.

his specs now
completely restricted user

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if i had to guess i'd say the porn would probably be a source of spyware.

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