Icarus Demos [-complevel 2]

map10 (Bridge by Ty Halderman), UV Pacifist/Speed in 0:04


A one-second improvement over my 0:05 demo from April 2004(!). This one also has the advantage of being a vanilla-compat demo, rather than Boom (used back then only due to the lack of good recording options).


This took a lot of attempts - way more than it should. It's all skill of course - no luck at all involved here. :p The zip includes a couple of fails, where I demonstrate why it is a good idea to run in the right direction.

I'll try for 0:03 in 2031.

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map05 (Flipside by Mark Snell), UV Pacifist/Speed in 0:23


Not quite the time I was hoping for, but I think this shows that with a bit more luck, it could go very much sub-20. The funny thing is that the imp happily walks into the teleporter all on his own.

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