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Icarus Demos [-complevel 2]

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Icarus: Alien Vanguard
UV Fast
Map 10 in 3:03


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Thanks for this demo. I certainly prefer UV Speed movies than UV Max movies, but Icarus is different (it is plagued with these rocket suicide exits), so I definitely enjoyed it.

I remember playing through Icarus on HMP (pseudo-speed) some years ago. I reached MAP18 like 15 times, and never reached MAP19...

While some maps (4 or 10) are completely different when playing speed, not to mention another difficulty setting, there are also similarities. I noticed two things I was doing in a different way (hope it won't sound boring to you):
- MAP02, I was leaving the soulsphere to pick it up at the end. After grabbing the berserk (it doesn't cost a lot of time) I ran for the SS and had 200% at the beginning of MAP03.
- MAP09, I used plasma against teleporting monsters after the lights turned off.

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MAP25 UV Max in 7:38.
It's a map by Mike Bristol - "Another Fine Mess". Does anyone know more maps created by him?


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