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First Zdoom Level

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As the title states, this is the first Zdoom-specific level I have released.
I need to point out that this level is only one of three levels in my 'After Hours' map pack.

Map01: Lost Station
Tech themed space station with stars flying by; cramped in some areas, but overall is a nice place to play in.

Map02: After Hours
Various office buildings interconnect into a small urban area; players have access to the rooftops and if someone falls, they splat nice and hard.

Map03: Leak
Personally I don't think there are enough deathmcth levels that take place underwater. This should be a nice change. Will probably be brick and metal themed with lots of flooded (and deep) areas.

I need help playtesting this level. Maybe there is something I missed, or maybbe someon can point out something wrong or that doesn't look quite right.
You can find the beta of Map01 here

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