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Heretic, episodes 1 - 3 on "nightmare"

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Hello there,

A long time ago I was amazing at DooM. Did compet-n, was the 1st to complete some out-of-base levels, etc. Things like Schwarzenegger, were way too hard for me, so there was little left to do.

Me and a friend had Heretic and decided to record demos of the first 3 episodes of Heretic v1.3 on "nightmare" -- skill 5 with respawn enabled, essentially Heretic with Doom's nightmare difficulty.

It wasn't particularly hard (e2 and e3's last levels werent included), but some of the demos are really cool and it was a lot of fun to work out.

Since they're just taking space up on my drive, is anybody interested in me releasing this?


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Go ahead and release it, but you should really see stx-Vile's (fairly) recent ZDoom demos he did for all the episodes in skill 5, damn good stuff.

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Thats what this compilation is, except in addition to skill 5 (which was way too easy), we put respawn on as well! (That and this one was completed nearly 10 years ago!)


PS - Is Yonatan Donner still playing Doom? I see his name up everywhere still, we used to chat quite a bit during Doom 2 days... he was our inspiration for the demos.

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Sounds great. I'd certainly love to see the Heretic demos... as a matter of fact if I'm not mistaken Opulent recently added a Heretic section to the Doomed SDA, so you could contact him and send them over so he can post them... I'm sure he'll show up on the thread sooner or later.

As for Donner; he isn't playing DOOM nowadays but his speed running activities and his megawad (Hell Revealed) have certainly been quite an inspiration for many people. As you may have seen Compet-n is still active and Hell Revealed is one of the PWADs people record on there.

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Hey there, welcome. Good to see another old time demo artist back.

And Donatis was here just a few weeks ago. Kai-Uwe recorded some stuff, Demonlord was on #nightmare... Who's next, Eelco?

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Hey guys!

Thanks for the info on Donner, Myk and Ryback! I submitted the demos to the moderators for approval.

If anybody wants the demos before then reply with your email address and I'll happily send them out.

By the way, the thing to keep in mind with Heretic demos is that only certain attacks hurt a lot, so you can take a lot of hits from the weaker guys but a red axe or a wizard's 3 purple blasts will knock off a LOT of health. So most of it is a breeze, but sections are hard. After watching again, a lot of it looks easier than it really was!

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Opulent said:

(btw, I think the attachments on the forum are still broken.)

Yes, I've just tested again - no change. :(

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