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I got a good question ....

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ok ... im just gonna say this ... I dont know how to script worth shit ... I don't even know how to start scripting ... anyways I was wondering if there is an editor out there (preferibly windows based)that will allow my to apply the special effects that zdoom or legacy uses ... special effects like ummm floor over floor or fog, or tinted sectors, or like deep water ... Can anyone help me out with this ??

Best regards,

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There's WadAuthor, although for config files for use with Edge, Boom, ZDoom et al, you may have to search a bit. I think DW itself links to the ZDoom one.

It's easy as pie, but make sure you get the ZDoom editing docs (Also a link somewhere) as they're invaluble.

Oh, and, as far as scripting goes, try to get as many scripted ZDoom WADs that do interesting things as you can - and see how they put the ACS commands into practice.

I guess the same can be said for other forms of scripting. I don't know.

Just look around, see what you can see.

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