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Merging pwads

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Now I know that there's a few editors which allow you to merge one wad into another, and I have tried out with Wintex and XWE but not Deepsea since I always have a lot of issues dealing with that program. Please note that I am not here assaulting at the reputation of Deepsea or Deepsea users. The problem working with XWE is that it results with some data losses when I combined them together. For Wintex, they merged successfully mostly, except that in one of the levels a certain texture appears to be invisible and I have checked all the possible errors I could have found. I have 2 zips prepared below for people who are willing to look into the problem. Thanks in advance.

Merged wad(see map05): link has been removed

Original wad(map05): link has been removed

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Fredrik said:

Doom ignores the texture at that position (that's why the never used AASHITTY texture is there in Doom).

I know this may be a bit off, but, is there a reason why they named that as they did?

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The Ultimate DooMer said:

Well, AA to get it at the top of the texture list (unless it's Plutonia I/II's), and SHITTY because it's meant to be funny. (or something)

I always thought it was a coincidence that is had those letters in that order. But I always called it "That texture". :D

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