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Resizing images

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Heh, I've gotten pretty far into a level I've been working on and off on for the last couple of months, and I've taken some pics, using ZDoom. The problem is that I want to submit them to boris' WIP site and the biggest you can have your pic is 640x480. The screens ZDoom takes are 800x600. How would I go about shrinking these pics of mine so they're 648x480 in size?

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Erik said:

change resolution in zdoom before you take the shots...

I tried that, and it works. :) Now everyone can see my level in progress, it's called Return to the Fray.

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Jesus, you never knew you could change the resolution?

I'm sorry, but...

Eternal wisdom:
Stupidity cannot be concealed.

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Microsoft's image resizer is teh best, I say it again.

Unless you're willing to use real graphics editing software like PSP, Gimp or Photoshop, of course.

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