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Metal Slug music WAD!

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Because I've always thought the music from the Metal Slug series of incredible sidescroller games went extremely well with Doom, I've been wanting to put the two together. And after tinkering around with WinTex, I've finally created a WAD replacing all the Doom2 music with Metal Slug tracks. :D

I didn't use MIDIs, as they wouldn't be able to adequately convey the excellence of the original music, but instead used mp3s I recorded of the m1 tracks. Therefore, the WAD isn't small - 51MB in fact.

So, a few questions: 1) Can I release this, due to the fact that the music is taken from other sources and the filesize is quite large? 2) If I can't put it up on the archives server/newstuff, does anybody have hosting space for it?

Anybody who wants a copy, just ask me over AIM or something and I can send it to you. :)

I'll eventually start on a similar project for Doom1, too. Let me know if any of you are interested in the results.

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The /newstuff FAQ says:
1. What will be rejected?

* MP3s in WADs.


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Say, Ubik, here's a thought. Create 2 Tripod accounts, give both an INDEX.HTML, and then split your WAD into RAR, ARJ, or ACE volumes. Then you can upload the pieces and link us to 'em.

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