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The poster pack......

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I got at BESTBUY a box with doom3 on it that is for sale and its round 10 bucks.Thats the presale thing.Anyway you get a poster,some little doom 3 collector figure and i guess other shit.My question is..HOW BIG IS THE POSTER,i dont wanna give 10$ for an A4 format poster.

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First off, if you're going to post something about Doom 3, I dunno, you might want to post it in maybee. . . the Doom 3 forum. Just a thought, though... could be wrong. *ahem* (The faq is your friend)

Any case, to answer your question its only like 2 feet. Not that big, but its pretty cool. Welcome to Doomworld ya'll!

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mje said:

Haha - totally missed that.

Wow, that's funny.

meh happens to me all the time, I just never know what the fucks goin on lol.

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