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Doom on Linux --I'm Lost

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I downloaded Doom 1.8 for my Linux Redhat 9.0, it came in a tar file. I opened it to Doom-1.8 in my home directory. It contains these files:


The read me files wern't really any help but from what I have heard I have everything I need to play. Now this how I am stuck, how do I play? I tried "exec xdoom" ... "./xdoom" and other commands but I can't figure it out. Any suggested, thanks!

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I'm assuing that since you use Redhat 9 that you're actually doing this from a shell in the X system (ie. KDE/Gnome/FVWM etc). If you're not, go to X. If running from a shell window doesn't work, navigate to the Doom directory with whatever file manager you have and just double-click the exec.

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What's the exact error you get? Are those files actually executable? Maybe you have to chmod them first.

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