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Fallon Chronicles (PWAD)

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Ladies and Gentlemen... as you know I the author of a fan fic called The Fallon Chronicles.
What I am now working on (in tandum with the actual story timberwolf.blogspot.com) Is a PWAD bassed on the Fic. Soon a website will be up (probably by the 15th if not sooner)

Story Mode
Action/Adventure Mode
New Weapons
New Monsters
Detailed Maps
New Textures
Survival Horror Esque gameplay
Heavy use of voice acting

Overall: 45%
Monsters: 30%
NPCs/Characters: 80%
Levels: 50%
Story/Dialogue 40%/10%
Music: 0%
Sounds: 5%

Actual work:
Textures: 60%
DEHACKED/BEX work: 10%
Sounds: 1%
Levels: 2%
Scripting: 1.5%
Sprites: 1%

If anyone would like to assist me in making this a reality. It would be greatly appriciated... The only thing I *cant* do is Music stuff.. totaly tone deft :P That and the voice acting stuff *odviously*

Contact Options:
Email: sirtimberwolf@yahoo.com
ICQ: 17608856
MSN: sirtimberwolf@hotmail.com
AIM: doomfoxblack
YAHOO: sirtimberwolf

I will post images as soon as I get the site up..
thanks for reading!

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SirTimberWolf, before you start asking for help on your new mega-cool-and-whatnot project, make sure you have something to show first (screenshots, map downloads, etc). Keep in mind we've already seen thousands of upcoming projects that actually never got done.

Had to happen... Anyway, I really liked the fanfic, but you'll need some real talented scripters to get decent NPC's working and a talented team all round to do it justice and really bring out a storyline. If you were gonna develop your project for Legacy I could give you some of Rust's NPC and conversation system - but then no-one here would play your project.

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Pfft... They didnt have what I have... *dramatic music*
I will post screenies after I get done converting the textures to WAD format... should be tonight

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FC is still in the works all, been working on mapping some and playing my hand at spriting...
The Hangar is all planned out and currently in stage 1 detailing.
Textures save for special ones are all complete.
Design doc is being written slowly but steadily...
I know the sprites arnt much to look at yet but these are my very first attempts.. :P
Take care everyone

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