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Where should i upload my level?

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hey everyone,
just about finnished my first WAD, which i dont think has turned out too badly (and you'll all be pleased to know that theres no cyberdemon or spider mastermind in the level). anyway i was just wondering where i should upload it to once its finnished for maximum effect (i.e. so plenty of people will see it/hopefully download and tell me if it sucks)?

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Hello dopefish, I'm The Ultimate DooMer, one of the /newstuff chroniclers on these forums. If you have a wad you want to release, the best place to send it is the DooM archive. The Doomworld FAQ will tell you how to do this, and may also answer any other questions you may have about newstuff. The wad will then be reviewed on Sunday by myself or one of the other reviewers. If you have any questions, my contact details are on the bar at the bottom of this post.

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It's also worth reading Ty Halderman's instructions, especially since they have been updated more recently than the Doomworld FAQ, and they come direct from the guy who is in charge of the archive.

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