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Someone come play Skulltag with me

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I've put up a buttload of oldschool style Skulltag servers on doom2.net. I have some files up on doom2.net, at http://www.doom2.net/skulltag/ , which should be helpful. One is the skulltag installer, it's here because their official download page is really slow. The other one is my personal client .ini file. There's a bunch of default options in Skulltag which, if you're at all an old school fan or typically use Zdaemon, you may not appreciate; my .ini turns all that cra^H^H^H stuff off. You can use the .ini file as a reference for setting your own .ini file up I imagine.

The mouse sens is a bit different, some people are reporting it to be a pain to adjust, some say its easy. I had trouble at first, but then, my mouse sens dialed right in when I turned down both the main mouse sensitivity plus the turning sensitivity to the lowest possible setting in the options menu, and put my Windows mouse driver at the same sensitivity as for Zdaemon (I use PS2rate of 80 tho so .. who knows how many people my adjustment will work for).

I'm finishing making dinner =p but anyway .. yeah.


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Nice, but they ping ~110ms to me :\ Thats playable with ST though, but I just dont like to lag a bit at all, heh.

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