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What are YOUR all-time favorite Levels?

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Hey Everyone,

I've recently been checking out the posts here and there, and I've seen that alot of the discussion has been about the "Best Wads" in 2003. Rightfully so as well.

So I kind of thought it be cool to see exactly what everyone liked in a wad, or a level from a megawad. I've seen what people think about the "Best of the Best : 2003", but now I'd like to see what level(s) would be on the top of your list as your All-Time Favorite DooM level(s). Hope everyone's okay with this thread.

So without further delay, these would have to be mine... And the All-Time Favorites for me would have to be...

13. Dead Perfect, HRB Maps01 - 02 (Yonatan Donner) : Small but very, very VIOLENT levels (As Yonatan states in Text file). These maps are some of the best around, and the Gameplay is Top Notch, as always. What else would you expect from one of the authors of Hell Revealed?

12. No Guts, Not Glory, AV Map32 (Anders Johnsen) : An excellent map in all ways possible... Short, but very intense game play is the way this baby goes. In the tradition of Plutonia Map32 and HR Map22, this level will make you work for the win!!

11. Dark Dome, AV Map26 (Anders Johnsen) : A GREAT map made by, in my eyes the BEST DooMer to have ever played... Anders was the King when it came to conquering maps like this, and it was no suprise when he came out with a level that was based on the levels that he CRUSHED in his demos. This map has tons of awesome fight scenes, namely the Teleport battle after you snag the Blue Key. This one'll keep you on your toes!

10. Atomic Tomb (Brad Spencer) : What can I say, this level shines in all aspects as far as I'm concerned... The ending is always going to be one of those fights that'll be remember forever (at least for me).

9. Resistance Remains, HR2 Map27 (Metabolist and Andy Olivera) : Now this map is a GREAT one. So much action, all the time. Very similar to its predecessor (sp) "Resistance is Futile" HR Map22, which is a good thing. This kind of map keeps you on your toes... Never have I hated an Archvile as much as I did on this map... :)

8. Go 2 It, Plutonia Map32 (Dario or Milo Casali) : These two made one of the, if not the best DooM 2 episode around... The Plutonia Experiment opened the gates for many other "Super Hard" megawads. With that said, Map32 would have to stand out as a Favorite for me. This map was one that Haunted me day and night until I finally managed to beat it.... GREAT map, a must play for all DooMers (Of course you already knew that).

7. Cyberden, Plutonia Map31 (Dario or Milo Casali) : Another instant classic! This was the first map that I ever played that had more than one Cyberdemon in it... Plus your BFG is very limited with ammo, so you'll have to use the Good old SSG and Rocket Launcher on this baby... GeminI made a killer demo for this level. Check it out.

6. Playground, HR2 Map32 (Chrozoron) : Killer map all the way around. At first glance you think to yourself... "How the hell is this going to be possible?"... A rather small level with an outlandish monster count... Over 1600 to be exact... If you live through this map, you've got bragging rights... :)

5. Fear, Scythe Map26 (Erik Alm) : Now this is a level!!! Very small, yet VERY, VERY action packed. A BFG fragfest all the way through... Also, you won't find any weaklings in this level, so get ready to fight for your life... Gotta love Erik's levels.

4. Fire and Ice, Scythe Map30 (Erik Alm) : Damn hard level to sum it all up... Erik has really out-did himself with this one. So many monsters, so little time. Its a good idea to let the Cyberdemons hack up the other critters, or you just might find yourself running out of ammo on this map. Well, on skill 4 anyway... For an AMAZING run of this map, check out Viles demo. GREAT stuff.

3. Punisher (Dario Casali) : Another map that started the whole EXTREME map catagory... This levels a remake (sort of ) of map01 with more monsters then you'd ever thought possible in a map this size... Cybies, Viles and Barons... Oh My (sorry couldn't help it).

2. Resistance is Futile, HR Map22 (Yonatan Donner) : Now this is what I'm talking about... A map that really lets you get out all of your frustrations! This level is a SLAUGHTER map all the way through, no doubt about it. The BFG will become your best friend in this level. HR2 has a level that is quite similar included in it, Map27 (Resistance Remains) is just as fun as this one. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a go...

1. Post Mortem, HR Map24 (Yonatan Donner) : Yes everyone, this would have to be my favorite map of All-Time!!! Since day one, I couldn't get enough of this baby... It really GROWS on you. In my eyes this map in general is very, very memorable, but to me there'd have to be two parts... 1. The duel Cyberdemon battle near the Blue Key Door (it'll kill you quicker then you'd ever thought possible if you're not careful). 2. The final battle!! FIVE Cyberdemons vs. an army of Barons as well as a brigade of Mancubi... What more could you ask for?

Well, there you have it. This would be my All-Time favorites list, and I must say I had fun posting this guy. So, how about you do a bit of digging and come up with a list of maps that would be on the top of your list... I guarantee you'll enjoy it...


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I am honored to be on that list, really.

Here's my attempt at a top 10, my preferences changes a lot though all the time, so it might not be the same list tomorrow :P

10. Nimrod map01. I liked this map best out of the nimrod maps, probably because of the atmosphere and the fact that the theme got a little bit old and the gameplay a bit hard in the later maps.

9. Resistance is futile - HR map22. Well, I usually have this map a bit higher on my list, as it's the best slaughter map imo. But after seeing the clones in hr2, I am a bit tired of this style atm :P

8. No tomorrow - cchest map12. I can't put my finger on what makes this map great, it's just the overall atmosphere and feel of it. This is how doom2 should have looked and played.

7. Darkening 2 map04. This is one hell of a map from Anthony Soto. Everything about it is perfect apart from gameplay (I didn't like darken2's gameplay a lot). It has fantastic layout, architecture and detailing. It also shows that Soto is a great e1 mapper in this one even though the textures are completely different of course.

6. Vrack 3 - well, this map has the best detailing I have seen so far. The color scheme is a bit uh, gray, but other qualities makes more than up for that.

5. Excalibur - eternal doom map30. This map is extremely impressive, massive architecture and it takes hours to complete.

4. Crusades e4m8. Well, this map is Richard Wiles' finest work imo. The gameplay, layout, detail and style all appeal to me in all ways possible.

3. Alien Vendetta map29. Fantastic hell map, it inspired Scythe's map21-map28 greatly and made a huge impression on me in general.

2. Classic Episode e2m3. This map is the best e1-style pwad map imo, perfect map.

1. Chord3. Not much to say, the best hell map ever, I have often tried to duplicate the feel of this, but have always ended in disaster. The most impressive map.

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Erik said:

I am honored to be on that list, really.

Here's my attempt at a top 10, my preferences changes a lot though all the time, so it might not be the same list tomorrow :P

Hey Erik,

No problemo, my list wouldn't be complete if it didn't have your maps in there somewhere. Atmosphere, gameplay and Pure originality are what make your maps so damn fun to play... You can look all you want but it'll be impossible to recreate the feeling one gets when they step into any of your DooM levels. You can tell how much time you put into your creations, and I for one, appreciate and respect your time that you've dedicated to the GREAT GAME of DooM!!!

Keep them coming buddy, we'll keep on playing. I GUARANTEE it!!! Oh yeah, and by the way, Scythe 2's screen shots have already got the anticipation going... Should be AWESOME!!! Also, hows One Bloody Night coming along? Thats another one that'll be up in the top of the list there... :)

And yep, the tastes do change quite a bit, but the ones I've listed always manage to keep me occupied.... Heh, so at least I know I'll never get bored, eh? :)

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Map 01, Skulltag Eternal Doom: This is the greatest deathmatch level I ever played, Johnny sure knows how to place weapons. It's also good because I found a secret Johnny didn't know about and I rubbed it in his face. (He's my friend, so it's cool, he always gets back at me on Map 02)
Map 35 (I think), Mock 2: The Bridge! This was a very cool yet very difficult level. I actualy thought this would make a great instagib deathmatch.

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My Top 10:

1. Nimrod Map07
2. Torment and Torture 3 Map01
3. Torment and Torture 2
4. LTSD E4M3 - I don't know why but I really like the atmosphere of this particular level
5. LTSD E4M5
6. P:AR E1M4 - Best train level ever
7. Eternal Doom 'Darkdome' (don't remember the level number right now)
8. The Darkening 2 Map12
9. The Darkest Hour Map07
10. Demonized - Map01

Thinking about it, most of them are part of great episodes and almost all are really large and complex maps...

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Okay, I sat racking my brain trying to come up with a way to order my top ten (and I can tell you it was DAMN hard to choose only ten!), but in the end I chickened out and so I present a list in no particular order:

1. Darkening, map 9 - "Military Complex" (Jan Van Der Veken) - Plenty of action but nothing too tough and wonderful, beatiful design.

2. Hell Revelaed, map 13 - "Last Look at Eden" (Yonatan Donner) - Beautiful and deadly at the same time. I love big open spaces with lots of heavy monsters.

3. Hell revealed, map 22 - "Resistance Is Futile" (Yonatan Donner) - This was the first of these types of maps I played, and I remember screaming Swedish curse-words for days before finally beating it. A classic.

4. Memento Mori, map 2 - "The Bridge" (David Davidson) - I loved this the first time I played it, and still do. For some reason.

5. Memento Mori, map 20 - "Mountain Depot" (Scott Lampert) - Ditto.

6. Memento Mori 2, map 16 - "The Nephilim" (Dennis Möller) - Another ditto.

7. Requiem, map 27 - "Cursed Kingdom" (Iikka Keränen) - Enormous and breathtaking. I remember feeling so small and deserted. It reminds me a bit of Jedi Knight.

8. Dystopia 3, map 7 (Iikka Keränen) - Another Iikka map. I could just as well pick any other map from Dystopia 3, they all rule. Except for the first one. ;-)

9. Alien Vendetta, map 20 - "Misri Halek" (Kim Andre Malde) - How could this *not* be on everyone's top ten list!?

10. (Ultimate) DooM, episode 1, map 7 - "Computer Station" (John Romero) - The essence of DooM.

Okay, this sort of list is *always* going to be a bit biased and random.. ask me again in two weeks and I might have a very different list. But I'm pleased with it nonetheless. Honorable mentions go out to:

AV map 3/4/15/31
Darkening 2 map 1/4/5/6
Memento Mori map 19/23/27/28
Memento Mori 2 map 22
Scythe map ... Well, all of them :-)
Requiem map 3/6/8/16
Fava Beans
Ch Retro

.. and all the hundreds of great levels I've played, enjoyed and shamelessly left out/forgot!

EDIT: Like AV map 6! D'oh! And some maps of Talosian Incident! And ChordG! and ..

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Graf Zahl said:

My Top 10:

7. Eternal Doom 'Darkdome' (don't remember the level number right now)

MAP12 (Sverre MAP), and it is my favorite too.

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