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Mr. Woot


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i have some pretty cool artwork to show, do you guys know of any sites that can host it? they're all Jpeg. files

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You could try deviantart.com. It can be a big buggy or take a while to load and recently they have disabled the search engine for users that haven't suscribed due to techical reasons, but otherwise it's quite good.

If push comes to a shove, you could even try geocities.com. When you upload jpeg files you may want to rename them to txt format though (eg: art.jpeg to art.txt) as you can't click on a link straight to the picture file on a geocities site, only html or txt. I advise against this option.

The main other art sight that springs to mind this one http://www.artwanted.com/ but i don't know much about it. Thought i'd bring it up for reference.

Hope that helps.

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