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Crazy midi question

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I have two questions that may be answered by anyone who is capable of answering the questions that need answering:

1) How do I import midi into doom wad files? I attempted to use wintex but it seems to convert it to mus format...and i assume zdoom should be able to read the midi format?

2)Any quick to make the midi files i need to import into my wad louder? Preferably without an external program (non-doom)...but if it must be, then please provide me with the program's name.

Thanks to all!

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zdoom can indeed read the midi format. wintex however predates the source code being released and hence converts it to mus, as doom does not support midi. to add a midi using wintex, try copying demo1 from doom.wad and then hit load entry from file and select your midi. rename it to d_e1m1 or whatever and you should be set.

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You can use XWE as well and just add the MIDI file.

Rename it to the correct LMP


etc. etc.

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