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Doom Marine

Most Hellish Looking WAD

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I'm looking at a bunch of hellish looking wads to get some inspiration for my level, which WAD(s) do you think is most hellish looking?

by hellish looking, I mean levels that are reddish, brimstoned, lots of SP + Marble textures, you know... hell.

so far, most of the good hell levels i saw, in no particular order, were:

1. All the Doom1 E3 maps.
2. AV-27, AV-28, AV-29 (most hellish in my opinion).
3. Chord3
4. Scythe-24

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chord3 is the damn best hellish level, but trying to recreate the feel is extremely hard.

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Yoo probably can't use this for anything but anywho... here are some screenshots of a Hellish level I worked on some time ago, but it got lost. Use what you can if you feel like it:


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Another classic is Chris Lutz' Inferno. Nominally for Doom, but the levels are a wee bit on the large side, so I would use a port.

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0-Mephisto-0 said:

Of course, Attrition has a very good hell.

Converted-doomer is the author of Attrition, and this thread. Maybe you already knew that but it is hard to tell.

Definiton of hellish according to dictionary.com


1. Of, resembling, or worthy of hell; fiendish.
2. Highly unpleasant: hellish weather.

Sky-may-be is my vote :p


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