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doom2.wad - latest version size?

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I am aware that the current version of Doom II is 1.9. I would just like to know exactly how big the doom2.wad 1.9 file is.

I have been using source ports over the years and I only have the WAD files from the Doom games, so there is no way of knowing what version I have.

If somebody here is confident that their Doom II version is 1.9, please reply stating the exact size of your doom2.wad. If yours matches mine, I have 1.9 and everything's fine.


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Mad Butcher said:

The Doom2.wad I have is 14604584 bytes and the modified date is February 01, 1995.


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moonspell said:

Damn, my file size is 14,478 KB. I wonder what version I have...

Maybe one that has been corrupted in some way. Try re-installing from your original disks/CD.

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Oh, and if you have an old version (e.g. the five disks that the original distribution of Doom2 tended to be), you will need to apply a series of patches to bring it up to version 1.9. This is a bit fiddly but not difficult.

The patches can be found here - ask if you need any help applying them.

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Aha! I did have v1.9. After I reinstalled, the WAD file returned to its normal size. Doesn't need patching now!

Thanks again.

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