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Todays tiresome barrage of questions from crixmakin..

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Is there any way I can move the weapon over to the right of the screen? It never used to bother me in the old days that it was in the centre, but post Quake 2/3 it's annoying me.

Is it just a matter of moving the md2 file's center point over to the side? Or would there need to be a load of messing with the point that the rockets/plasma etc spawn from?

Also on an unrelated query - what would be the best map editor to use with ZDoomGL? I used to use wadauthor back in 1995/6/7, and I can probably remember how to use it, but I just figured I'd ask if anyone could recommend another. I'm basically looking for ease of use and possibly an autoformatting/themed sector (i.e you can pick various styles and apply them to sections of the level, then tweak them to your liking) feature.

EDIT: Another unrelated query - I've got LOADS of old md2 models I downloaded for quake 2, how hard is it to implement them into ZDoomGL? I'm looking to make a big Cybertron-like level, with the player as Optimus Prime, and all the enemies as Decepticons. Can I just change the model that is pointed to in the md2.ini?

Actually, scratch that last, it's been done before too many times.. - but I WOULD like to put some other Quake 2 models into ZDoomGL.

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