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CChest1 Map 10 help

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Hey guys, I'm a bit stuck here. It's after the red door and I've crossed the platforms to hit the switch, killed the hell knight and baron and killed the caco. My question is, how do I get up to the ledge where the caco came out of? I can see a switch there but if I raise any of the platforms except for the last one up any more, I can't cross. This has got me stumped since I thought that this wad didn't need jumping to complete. Anyways, is there a way to arrange the platforms so that you can cross or do i need to backtrack and hit another switch first or what? Thanks in advance.

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Im in the same boat here, I was playing around with the platforms and I can succsessfully make it to the second platform, but not to the third (third to fourth is easy).

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I remember that room, I played around with it for a couple of minutes but then I managed it somehow, I don't remember the details...

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