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huanted awakening

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You slowly come to not remebering what had just happened. The noise is around you; warning sounds, escapeing gas, grunting, hissing, sparking, and metal. Suddenly you feel as if you are being dragged across a floor by your feet. Your eyes are still close but the sounds get more confuseing as you begin to awaken. You no longer feel as if you are being dragged so you slowly open your eyes too see a dark room with a few flickering white and green lights. also a bright red light flashes above you. As you return to reality you remeber that there was a fight and an explosion that threw you. laying still you look around the room and at your self. You can see the door, its badly damaged with debris fallen near and infront of it. some of the debris apears to be stacked up. 2 of the creatures are still in the room and another enters threw the small door at the far end of the room. With horror you see you are next to about 6 dead soldiers and that one of the creatures is eating a leg of one of the fallen. A monitor with a UAC symbol flickers on and off saying something about a damaged sector. you hear another creature come in but something is different it is huge and fat. It also floats and hisses like a bag of hot air. As it comes into the light you see that it has several spikes and one eye. its dark skin is blood red and pink. two vestigle arms hang limply at its side and a row of sharp teeth cover its mouth. The nasty grabs at a body with its sharp teeth and something falls from the soldiers hands. A shot gun lands on your chest. then creature slowly eats at the blood body and does not notice you slowly geting up in the dark corner. you cock the shotgun and the creature looks at you and screams. A blast rings out and the creature is blown back into a bloody pile of guts, bones, and ooze. You roll into the center of the room and fire at the three others watching them fall. hisses and grunts fill the hall ways as you pass threw the dark door. another enters and throws something towards you. as you duck you feels its heat on the back of your neck and you then fire at its knees knocking the bastard to the ground. "what the hell was that!"
your screaming voice echos down the poorly lite hall and fades with the screams and grunts of the horrible creatures. you then decides to call the brown bastards imps, after a hellish mythical demon. you then go threw the maze of rooms and halls waiting for more imps to attack. realizeing the hanger and any ships there are destroy you decide to get to the computer station to call for help and to make a stand. you now silently but alertly head towards the dark and evil heart of the phobos base.

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