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Any1 Have any Realistic Textures?

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Stealthy Ivan said:

How come people don't make their own textures anymore??? It seems poeple are always looking for the easy way ouy... :)

Well, some of us aren't gifted with artistic ability. For example, if I wanted to make my own textures, they would come out like something a rabid three-year-old did with blunt crayons on wax paper. Not exactly something I'd relish putting into a wad.

What would I be trying to prove, anyway? That I'm so "1337" that I can make my own textures? If the overall quality of my map suffers, I'd say being "1337" just isn't worth it.

Just a thought.

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Fredrik said:

Lego textures look retarded without depth rendering applied to the plugs.

yeah, i agree. plus i don't like how there's a fraction of a plug here and there. and if you look there's some misalignments as well.

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