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Cool program

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Fisrt off, it's free...I would've paid for this too.
I've had this for a while and just decided see if anyone has heard of it or tried it out...if not...

Basically, it's a high-res 3d simulation of the universe. You can fly around, go ANYWHERE and watch the planets, and stars. It's simply cool as hell. You can download texture packs for some planets that are 4096 x 2048 and 8192 x 4096. Not only that, but there are tons of addonsyou can download, incl. the asteroid belt, extra (fictitious) solarsystems, blackholes, actual extrasolar planets, proto-stars...even Quaoar.

It's in real time too, so you can see the orientation of everything now, or at any time in the past/future. Obviously, that isn't going to be 100%

There's just tons of shit you can do that I haven't even tried...I'm more content just finding a good spot on a moon of Mars or Jupiter and watching as i orbit the planet...

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heh once i tried using it to get a star map to make a planetarium on my ceiling.

but placing the stars correctly was too hard so i gave up.

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Seen that proggie, very nice indeed for some beautiful looks and stuff. I'm an astronomy fan far longer than doom fan and I like to locate various objects in the sky myself. For that I use Skymap demo version and Star Charts (freeware). Both very good programs. If I want to see some Iridium satellite flashes (which sometimes outshine Venus tenfold), I go to heavens-above.com for predictions.

Hoping to buy a 6" telescope this spring, since the 2" handheld refractor that I have for nearly 10 years is not enough for me anymore.

More Doom and Astro fans out there?? :)

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I think it's incredible that this program is free considering the shit-load of effort that's gone into it. I mean, they have literally thousands of stars placed in their appropriate positions. Also, virtually every significant object in the solar system has been integrated with correct orbit, tilt, and information.

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