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0.75a Source Release (help?)

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Hey, I just uploaded an early version of 0.75 (source only) so I can get some help on something. I'm trying to add the hq2x/hq4x filters (http://www.hiend3d.com), but they're just not working for some reason. I've stared at the code long enough without seeing the problem so I figured I'd pass it on to you guys.


It includes a VC++ 6.0 project/workspace and requires NASM, FMOD and OpenIL to compile. If you can compile ZDoom 2.0.60, all you need is the OpenIL libraries and you should be set.

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that's ok. Once this is out of the way it'll be on to finding the major bottleneck in collecting the subsectors (hopefully I'll be able to boost the speed significantly) and then a full release :) So you won't have to wait much longer, hopefully.

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hmm, not quite the same (this'll be automatic when loading a map), but same effect. I guess I could add the hq3x filter as well.

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Wish I could help, but apparently I need to download a good 200mb worth of stuff just to get it to compile. (DX8 SDK and VS SP5)

That would take a good few years with this connection :P

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I got it to compile but I have to admit that this bug is a total mystery to me.

Even the picture created by the hq2x filter is totally screwed up but it doesn't really look like some memory outside the specific graphics data is written to. I only get a real crash when gluScaleImage is called (otherwise I only get corrupted graphics) but I haven't got the slightest clue what happens here.

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Heh, doh :P

Oh, and hq3x support has also been added, just to round things out. So when 0.75 finally comes out, it'll work like this:

gl_texture_hqresize 0 - no filters
gl_texture_hqresize 1 - hq2x
gl_texture_hqresize 2 - hq3x
gl_texture_hqresize 3 - hq4x

Other interesting things I'm working on:

Vertex buffer objects (GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object extension) can be used (gl_use_vertex_buffer_objects 1), although they don't really make much difference right now since the bottleneck isn't in the geometry throughput. Hopefully when I get that sorted out this'll give a really nice boost in framerate.

Vertex program support. This'll just be used for billboarding the sprites ("gl_billboard_mode 3" to use the vertex program) for now, but I may use it for some other things as well (like md2/md3 keyframe interpolation or something when I implement that stuff). Again, I'm hoping this'll help when drawing lots of sprites.

Things I'll be finishing up for the release of 0.75:

The 2 things listed above, of course, along with using a clipping plane for mirrors and touching up the texture alignments on slopes again (argh, still not right). Hmm, maybe I'll pick apart the Vavoom code for help on that.

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