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Path nodes, weapons and things of the such

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okay ive got 3 questions:
1- where can i get information on editing skulltag item/weapon item flags and frames for DEH and BEX editing?
2- how do you add ambient sounds
and finally
3- How do you set up path nodes and how do you get a monster to follow you/use the path nodes

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Well questions two and three have to do with Zdoom, since Skulltag is Zdoom, you should find your answers in the editing guide on http://www.zdoom.org/
First try the Reference guide (click "editing"), and then if you cant find your answer, try the tutorial section.

EDIT: Here, I'll spoon feed them to you ;)

http://zdoom.doomworld.com/reference/sndinfo.html (ambient sounds)
http://www.zdoom.org/zdkb/zdoom7.html (monster routes)

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