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nightmare imp

Need some Help

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I suppose this is the right forum for this queston.

I downloaded the DOOM 64 Conversion awhile ago and I have to say it is truly awsome! It runs great and all, but when I have the music on it tends to crackle like static. I go to the options and adjust the settings and nothing. And when I downloaded the newest version of Z-Doom, I noticed the same crackling for some reason, although with previous versions of Z-Doom, the sound is perfect. Is it my soundcard or what? Is there something I can do other then just turn the music or sound off?

Thanks for any help or advice.

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Well I didn't say I was using ZDOOM for the DOOM 64 coversion, I just noticed that both, "seperate" source ports had the same problem. Sorry for the confusion.

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oh, oops. well if it's happening in multiple ports my best guess is it's something with your soundcard or in how your computer is configured to play midi files.

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