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Graveyard Disciple

Jefferson Davis Report

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So, yes in class I have to write a report on a little known person in American history. Me being myself picked to write it about Jefferson Davis (for the fools: President of the Confederate States of America)Here's what I have so far:
Born on June 3, 1808 in Kentucky to Samuel Emory Davis. An immigrant from Wales who (along with most of his family) fought in the Revolution of 1776. Davis’s brothers fought in the War of 1812 some serving directly under Andrew Jackson. Davis received his education as child at home and was later sent to Transylvania University in his native Kentucky. He remained there till he was 16 and graduated in 1824 (being only 16 when he graduated). After that he was appointed to West Point by President Monroe. A fellow class mate said this about him: “he was distinguished in his corps for manly bearing and high-toned and lofty character. His figure was very soldier like and rather robust; his step springy, resembling the tread of an Indian 'brave' on the war-path.” Soon after that he graduated in 1828 and promoted to second lieutenant. As second lieutenant he served in the Black-Hawk War of 1831. During which a Black-Hawk chief was captured and put under his care. It said that the chief’s heart was won by the kind treatment by Davis. Following this act he was promoted to First-Lieutenant and transferred to the First Dragoons regiment under which he had active service against Comanchees and Pawnees. He served with the Dragoons for two years. After this brief time he suddenly and surprisingly resigned. Despite objections from his family and friends he did not return to military service. Apparently Mr. Davis wanted to be a cotton farmer.
I don't have so much yet, but I will soon. Any critique or suggestions welcome.

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BlackFish said:

I think this should be in the fan fics section, but that's just me.

Um...wtf? Why? It's not fiction and it's not Doom related...

It does indeed belong in here, since he is asking for suggestions and stuff.

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Back on topic...

It looks good but if that's an essay, that wont look good as an introductory paragraph. How long does it need to be?

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Try not to double post. Your best bet is editing the post to add stuff. (points to edit button).

I suggest you plan out your essay via an outline or you could get lost in the process. 2-6 pages is kinda big (2, not really, but 3+ is).

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Jefferson Davis wasn't really 'little known', considering he was the President of the Confederacy. I bet you can find a lot more info on him during that time period.

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