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are there any freeware programs out there that can convert/save text files as PDF files.

our group has a web site and rather than converting all the care sheets to HTML and having 100 web pages i would rather have them all be PDF.

the web address is mvras.org

i dont want to have to buy the software, so please only free (as in free beer) software. our group dosent have that kind of money to buy a licence from adobe.

if not, we are going to be forced to use... gulp... pirated software from my mother's work (which has said software "laying" around)

our forums section is working. all i need to do is add avatars and a better skin that matches our page

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Afaik OpenOffice has an output-to-PDF option.

There are also PDF output stuff for Windows/Office combinations.

Free as in beer.

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Yes, there are print drivers available that will output to PDF. Free ones. And OpenOffice.org does have exporting to PDF, which i never even noticed before.

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